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Artist Statement

I have now come to a juncture in my career where my work is going in a new direction. My goal is to become more spontaneous and expressive.

As part of the process of painting, I do a number of warm up exercises before I begin a painting. Using long rolls of paper, ink and brushes taped to long sticks, I paint spontaneous brush strokes. I then continue the process of painting these brush strokes on the final art surface. I allow the direction of the painting to be determined by the emotional expressiveness of the brush strokes.

Though the use of mixed mediums; acrylics, oils, ink, chalk and collage, I work in many layers and glazes: oil over acrylic or acrylic over oil. Often the final composition is a grid or pattern reminiscent of a textile design.

I am very influenced by Asian art. I also use the landscape as an inspiration. The calligraphic-like brush strokes become a symbol for a personal language of art.


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